Secondary Cities

The primary aim of the project „Secondary cities: cultural agendas in the shadow of ECOCs” is to create a platform to allow for discussion and reflection on the issue of cultural agendas in the “secondary cities” - cities that have not been selected as ECOC cities in the last selection round. The processes behind ECOC selection are clear, well documented and available to public. They describe motivations and decisions of the selection panel that is appointed and votes for the winner. 

Evaluation Framework

The Evaluation Framework's aim is to highlight the importance of evaluation for a sustainable long-term development, to raise questions relating to the sustainability of cultural projects and to offer an alternative to pre-packaged evaluation models that are generally applied in the ECOC context.

Issue mapping

In the first year of the project, we focused on seven cities in the Central and Eastern European region. These seven cities included past, present and future ECOCs. The project was planned in two stages: the issue mapping between April-July 2014, and the first LOCOP Symposium (November 2014), where local operators from cities that were included in the issue mapping will be invited according to the mapping’s results.


LOCOP - Local Operators' Platform
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